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      Our Responsibility

      MUFG's goal in CSR

      Financial institutions have a responsibility to help stabilize and maintain financial systems and contribute to the sound growth of society. MUFG's goal in CSR is to contribute to solve social issues through our core financial businesses as well as fulfilling our inherent social mission as the foundation of society and realize sustainable society. We work to fulfill our corporate social responsibility through our business, using our Corporate Vision and MUFG Group Code of Conduct as guidelines.

      Initiatives for Addressing ESG Issues toward Sustainable Growth

      How MUFG Determined Its Priority Environmental and Social Issues

      MUFG aims to help resolve environmental and social issues through its business activities while securing sustainable growth. To this end, we have determined priority issues to be addressed by MUFG. This determination involved selecting issues relevant to MUFG's operations at home and abroad from among the environmental and social issues identified by United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as prevailing industry standards.
      Furthermore, we have incorporated input from external specialists. The determination of the seven priority issues presented below has thus been made with an eye to better fulfilling society's expectations in areas where MUFG's capabilities can be brought to bear.

      Currently, each business group has incorporated these priority issues into their business strategies and is pushing forward with initiatives to address these issues.
      How MUFG Determined Its Priority Environmental and Social Issues

      Priority Issues MUFG Must Address

      Aging population & low birth rate
      Business incubation & job creation
      Social infrastructure & town planning
      Global warming & climate change
      Financial innovation
      Workstyle reforms
      Cross-sectoral environment and social issues

      CSR Structure of MUFG

      We develop a CSR promotion framework integrated with our group management strategies.

      CSR Structure of MUFG

      In order to promote Group-wide CSR activities, we have established the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, primarily consisting of members of the Executive Committee of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. As a general rule, the Committee meets Once a year to debate over the Group-wide policy for CSR activities, develop its measures and strengthen cooperation among all the group companies of MUFG. In line with the Group-wide CSR policy, we promote CSR activities leveraging characteristics of each company.
      CSR Structure of MUFG

      CSR Materiality

      (As of November 2018)