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      Global Advisory Board

      MUFG has established the Global Advisory Board to function as advisory bodies to the Executive Committee, and the Board holds regular meetings.
      The Global Advisory Board is made up of members from Japan, Europe, Asia, and the Americas who are external experts in areas such as corporate management, financial regulation, and government policy. They provide advice and recommendations on group-wide management, global governance, business strategy, and other management issues from an independent standpoint.

      Global Advisory Board

      As of April 1, 2020

      Ambassador John V. Roos

      Former United States Ambassador to Japan

      Professor Merit E. Janow Dean, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University
      Former Member of Appellate Body, World Trade Organization

      Ms. Anne Le Lorier

      Former First Deputy Governor at Banque de France

      Lord (James) Sassoon, Kt  Director, Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited
      Former Commercial Secretary to the Treasury, United Kingdom 
      Dr. Victor K Fung  Group Chairman, Fung Group, Hong Kong
      Former Honorary Chairman, the International Chamber of Commerce 
      Mr. George Yeo  Former Singaporean Minister for Foreign Affairs 

      Ms. Emi Osono

      Professor, Hitotsubashi University Business School, School of International Corporate Strategy

      Mr. Akio Mimura  Honorary Chairman